English 5F Expanded Course Description

English 5F

Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction - Expanded Course Description

Catalog Description

English 5F, Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction (4) - Lecture/Discussion - 4 hours.  Prerequisite: Completion of Entry Level Writing requirement.  Elementary principles of writing fiction.  Write both in prescribed forms and in experimental forms of their own choosing.  No final examination.


Summary of Course Contents

This course helps students to explore and refine techniques of written self-expression in prose fiction.  Students critique each others fiction in a workshop setting; in order to do this, they must master and apply a literary vocabulary.  Readings in modern and contemporary short fiction serve as models for student writing; they improve students' abilities to read fiction critically and to develop a critical vocabulary and a sense of methodology.  Students also develop a sense of potential sources and subject matter for short stories and become familiar with the processes of editing and revising.