English 5P Expanded Course Description

Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry - Expanded Course Description

Catalog Description

English 5P, Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry (4) - Lecture/Discussion - 4 hours.  Prerequisite: Completion of Entry Level Writing requirement.  Elementary principles of writing poetry.  Write both in prescribed forms and in experimental forms of their own choosing.  No final examination.


Summary of Course Contents

Emphasis is on understanding and mastering poetic techniques.  Students should sharpen their critical ability to read poetry.  They should become aware of the processes of writing including understanding the sources of poems, matters of content, and poetic techniques.  They should develop a greater awareness of literary culture and should emerge from the course familiar with the world of little magazines and book publishing, poetry readings, and a sense of current life of poetry.  Most importantly they should become closely acquainted with the rudiments of editing and revising.