Honors Program - Creative

Description: The Honors Program (Creative) in the English Department consists of a two-course sequence: English 100 Advanced Fiction (100FA) or ENL 100 Advanced Poetry (100PA), each 4 units; and English 195H, Honors Thesis (4 units). Note that the prerequisite for 100PA or 100FA is one 100-level workshop in the same genre. Students admitted to the Honors Program are required to take English 100FA or 100PA in the spring quarter of their Junior year, and English 195H one quarter during their Senior year. Students completing the Honors Program will receive appropriate notation on their transcript.


In the spring quarter, English 100FA and 100PA are taught by the English Department faculty members assigned to these sections. These sections will be limited to twelve members each and designed to prepare students for writing a collection of stories, a collection of poems, a short novel, or a multiple-genre work. Students will also be required to undertake substantial reading as part of this preparation and to designate an individual faculty member who will serve as a mentor during the thesis writing process. The faculty member teaching the 100FA/PA section can advise the student in seeking a mentor.


The Honors Thesis itself is a creative work that reflects each student's development as a writer. The completed thesis is normally 35 to 60 pages in length (as determined appropriate by the faculty advisor) and might include a critical or reflective introduction. As a course, English 195H has no scheduled class meetings; instead each student is required to schedule regular meetings with his or her faculty advisor during the term that the thesis is completed. The thesis should be completed to the faculty advisor's satisfaction at the conclusion of the quarter in which 195H is taken. Students receive four units of credit for working on their creative thesis projects under the direction of the faculty advisor.


A prize is awarded at the end of Spring Quarter for the Best Honors Creative Writing Honors Project . the deadline date for submission of the thesis is normally prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. As a result of this, students are encouraged, but not required, to complete their thesis in Fall or Winter quarters, however this is at the discretion of your faculty advisor.


Eligibility: To be eligible to participate in the Honors Program in English (Creative), students must have earned, by the end of Fall quarter 2019 a GPA of 3.5 in English courses. Students must also have taken at least one upper division creative writing workshop course at UCD (or enrolled in one Winter quarter 2020). Advanced-standing juniors who expect to graduate in mid-year may also apply for admission.


More information is available from the Undergraduate Counselor, Ms. Lynda Jones, 177 Voorhies Hall (lmjones@ucdavis.edu); or Katie Peterson, 210 Voorhies Hall (kpeterson@ucdavis.edu) .