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Procedure for securing internship units for an Internship

List of internships that past students have received ENL 192 credit for, updated periodically

Internship for academic credit

An internship... a temporary work-learn arrangement whereby enrolled UCD undergrads or grad students explore career areas, gain practical skills and/or make industry contacts by working on- or off-campus, with appropriate campus units, public agencies, nonprofit foundations or private corporations. Any enrolled student my apply for such internships, and interested parties should contact the UCD Internship and Career Center (Second Floor, South Hall) for more information. In particular, see their handout, "A User's Guide to the Internship and Career Center."

To do an internship for academic credit...
 ...students must contact the Internship Coordinator(s) / Advisor(s) in specific UCD departments or programs. You may or may not start with the UCD Internship Center—it is not a requirement. English academic credit contacts are Undergraduate Advisor Brandy Fleming (177 Voorhies Hall / 752-7646 / and English Internship Coordinator Professor Margaret Ronda  (254 Voorhies Hall /

An English internship for academic credit...
 ...should be in a literature-, writing- or humanities-related area, with a substantial writing and/or editing emphasis. Appropriate: writing press releases or media copy for public relations firms; writing/editing for regional or national magazines; developing scripts or projects for a film production company; drafting position papers for a government agency or private corporation; writing/editing/layout/proofreading for campus organs such as The California Aggie or UCD Magazine. Inappropriate: Doing legal research for a law firm; serving as a low-level support staff for a local, state or federal legislator; serving as an undefined "personal assistant" for an individual, agency or company; doing research for a faculty member or private party.

Procedures for enrolling in English internships

  1. Please download the internship form (You may download the form here). Please fill out ALL sections of the form, including your personal information on p. 2. (despite the form instructions to the contrary).  Leave blank only the section for the Faculty Sponsor's signature and the "credit assignment."  List "Margaret Ronda" as the Faculty Sponsor and leave the ICC Coordinator spot blank.  
  2. Complete the form and send it to Professor Margaret Ronda electronically (  
  3. Upon approval by Professor Ronda,  Professor Ronda then sends the form on to Brandy Fleming to release the CRN number for registration. Grading is on a P/NP basis.

The "ADD deadline" is the deadline in which to claim units - normally 12 days into instruction.  Please note that the deadline is strictly enforced.

Be aware that you need to repeat this procedure each quarter to receive credit for internships that continue for more than one quarter.

Requirements for receiving academic credit

Please note that to receive credit for the internship, you will need to submit the "credit assignment" at the end of week 10.  This will include (1) a log of your hours, including tasks completed and (2) a 1-2 page paper describing what you did for the internship and reflecting on how it related to your coursework in English and/or served your career goals.  You will also need to arrange for your site supervisor to e-mail Prof. Ronda to confirm that you fulfilled your duties and worked the hours listed on your log.

Note: The great majority of English internships are secured through the Internship Center or are arranged directly by enterprising students, with magazines, publishing companies or other campus or private parties.

The English Department may receive inquiries from off-campus firms or agencies—and notify individual students—but we do not generate or arrange internships. Before we can arrange academic credit, the student must have secured the internship. Be aware that most internships are unpaid positions.

See the current UC Davis General Catalog for basic internship guidelines. Internships are available for 1-12 units (depending on location, amount of work, and the volume and nature of duties), in accord with: "Academic Senate Guidelines for Awarding Academic Credit For Internships—UC Davis."