Beyond the Book Club

The Undergraduate English Club (Now "Beyond the Book Club")


English Club History

English Club has been off and on until recently, when it was restarted in 2008.  Since then the club has grown, 50 people attending a meeting at one point.  Every 2nd & 4th Monday, participants gather and enjoy creative writing exercises, discussions of literary interest, movie nights, and off-campus events such as plays.  The club is also involved with the community and read poetry to the elders at the Davis Senior Center for Mother's Day last year.  The club also sent several of its members to help with the first annual Sacramento Area Youth Speaks conference.


English Club Statement

The English Club unites students with common interests in Literature, Theatre, Poetry, Creative Writing and other related English areas.  We provide peer editing sessions, tutoring opportunities, book exchanges, and social events to interact with the community, and also to promote fellowship among students of the English majors and minors.



  1. Meet new people with similar interests.
  2. Receive information about poetry readings, plays in your community and attend them with the club!
  3. Fulfill a leadership role and be able to note it on your resume.


For More Information

Email to be added to the listserv, receive club updates, or ask questions about the club. Or, check out the Beyond the Book Club page on Facebook!


Poetry // Readings

Poetry in Davis

Sacramento Poetry Center

Fig+Axle (UCD MA Creative Writers' reading series)

Dr. Andy's Poetry and Technology Hour

Stories on Stage


Fun Links

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