English 156 - Summer Sessions II, 2018

The Short Story

Class Information

Instructor: Glazner, Greg
CRN: 74095
Time: MTW 10:00-11:40
Location: 290 Gym


    Short stories allow us to see deeply into characters and their worlds in a space of a few pages. How do they accomplish this feat?

    In this course, we will approach stories from a writerly perspective, read closely with attention to how stories are crafted, and consider the development of the short story as a form in the 20th and 21st centuries The class will feature an inclusive and diverse set of readings from key American and European writers—as well as a video sidebar on how a short story changes when it is adapted for film.


    Regular quizzes, two papers, a midterm, and a final.


    The Story and Its Writer, 9th Edition (Full edition, not the compact), Ann Charters