Recent Job Placement


George Thomas, Georgia Tech University (Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow)
Dissertation Telling Time: The Temporal Novels of Williams Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy, and Toni Morrison

Peter Weise, University of Michigan - Jiao Tong University Joint Institute in Shangahi (Assistant Teaching Professor)
Dissertation Voice Beyond Language: Rethinking Sound Studies for British Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century

Sara Petrosillo, University of Evansville, IN (Assistant Professor in the Department of English)
Dissertation Pluck off Her Bells and Let Her Fly: Falconry as Medieval Reading Practice


Simon Abramowitsch, Chabot College in Hayward, CA (English Instructor)

Tobias Wison-Bates, Georgia Tech (Lecturer, Writing and Communication Program)
Dissertation Time and its Machine: The Novel as Temporal Technology

Valerie Billing, Central College in Pella, IA (Assistant Professor, Early Modern)
Dissertation Big Women, Small Men: the Erotics of Size in Early Modern English Literature and Culture

Angela Lewandowski, University of Minnesota, Morris (Assistant Professor of English, Creative Writing, and Environmental Literature)
Dissertation Lyric Interiors: The Contemporary Ecological Imagination in American Women's Poetry

Reema Rajbanshi, Washington and Lee University, Lexington City, VA (Visiting Assistant Professor of English)
Thesis Sugar, Smoke, Song

Cordelia Ross, University of Alabama, Tucasloosa (English Instructor)
Dissertation Unearthing England: Conquest and Identity in Underground Narratives, 1150-1250

Leilani Serafin, Annual Reviews in Palo Alto, CA (Production Editorial Associate)
Dissertation The Fictions of American Liberalism: Modernism between Crisis and Consensus

Meg Sparling, University of California, Davis, Funding Analyst for the Interdisciplinary Research Support Team in the Office of Research

George Thomas, University of California, Davis (Lecturer - English)
Dissertation Telling Time: The Temporal Novels of William Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy, and Toni Morrison


Ian Afflerbach, Georgia Institute of Technology (Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow)
Dissertation The Fictions of American Liberalism: Modernism between Crisis and Consensus

Molly Ball, Eureka College (Assistant Professor - English)
Dissertation Writing Out of Time: Temporal Vulnerability in Nineteenth-Century Narrative

Jordan Carroll, University of California, Davis (Postdoctoral Scholar) 
Dissertation Publishing the Unpublishable: Obscenity and Editorship in U.S. Literary Culture

Jenae Cohn, Stanford University (Academic Technology Specialist in the Program in Writing & Rhetoric)
Dissertation The Books that Bind Us: Remediation of the Printed Book as Social Practice in the 21st Century

Josef Nguyen, University of Texas at Dallas (Assistant Professor of Game Studies)
Dissertation Creative Makings of the Digital Generation

Sara Petrosillo, University of California, Davis (Lecturer)
Dissertation Pluck off Her Bells and Let Her Fly: Falconry as Medieval Reading Practice

Danielle Shaw, California State University, Monterey Bay (Lecturer)
Dissertation Mad Men, Playboys, and Hipsters: White Masculinity in Postwar U.S. Film and Literature

Cara Shipe, University of California, Davis (Lecturer)
Dissertation Bodies Beholden: Intersections of Race and Disability in Literature of the Long Nineteenth-Century U.S.

Bryan Yazell, University of Southern Denmark (Postdoctoral Researcher Centre for the Uses of Literature)
Dissertation Governing the Welfare Subject in the US and Britain, 1880-1940


Pearl Chaozon-Bauer, Notre Dame de Namur University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Performative Subversisons: The Epithalamuim, Sappho, and the Victorians

Dyani Johns Taff, Ithaca College (Lecturer)
Dissertation Contested Vessels: Gender and the Maritime in Early Modern Texts

Nicole Kenley, Simpson University (Assistant professor)
Dissertation Detecting Globalization: America's Emerging Genre of Global Detective Fiction

Tobias Wilson Bates, Georgia Institute of Technology (Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow)
Dissertation Time and its Machine: The Novel as Temporal Technology


Kristen Aldebol, Clemson University (Lecturer)
Dissertation Managing a Literate Laity: the Pilgrimage of the Life of Man in Fifteenth-Century England

Tanner Jupin, Basis Independent (English Teacher)
Dissertation Gamic Fiction: the Intermediation of Literature and Games

William Elliott, University of Alaska, Southeast (Adjunct Professor)
Dissertation: ‘Losing Alaska to the Name Itself’: Elegy and Futurity in a Changing North

Matt Franks, University of West Georgia ( Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: Queer Eugenics: Modernism and the Biopolitics of Uplift

Erin Hendel, The Nature Conservancy (Developmental Writer)
Dissertation: We the Separate Peoples: Literatures of Alternative Nationalisms in the United States 1800-1900

Kelly Neil, Spartanburg Methodist College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Inscrutable Suicide: Politics, Gender, and the Felo de se in Early Modern Drama

Sarah Klotz, Butte College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: Sentimental Literacies: Grief, Writing, and American Indigenous Rights 1820-1885

Erin Paszko, UC Davis (Lecturer)
Dissertation: Reluctant Realism: on Postcolonialism, Terrorism, and the Contemporary Crisis of Capitalism  

Nicholas Valvo, Bates College (Adjunct Professor)
Dissertation Penurious Payments: Debt, Dependence, and Communal Form in Eighteenth-Century Britain  


Claire Dawkins, Stanford University Online High School (English Instructor)
Dissertation Not a Whore: The Defense against Slander in Early Modern English Romances

Alysia Garrison, Dartmouth College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation The Secret History of the Circum-Atlantic Novel

Anett Jessop, University of Texas, Tyler (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Definitional Poetics: Modernist Poetry, Language, and The Word Woman

Barbara Zimbalist, University of Texas, El Paso (Assistant Professor) Dissertation Translating Christ in Medieval Women’s Visionary Texts 


Sharada Balachandran-Orihuela, University of Maryland, College Park (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation From Flags to Freeways: Hemispheric Routes of Exchange, Marginalized Economies, and Liberal Rights

Gina Caison, Georgia State University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Being, Feeling, and Seeing Red in the Native South

Ryan Fong, Kalamazoo College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Britannia's Unruly Pages: Victorian Forms and Neo-Victorian Fiction

Mindi McMann, College of New Jersey (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Ethical States

Anna Pruitt, Indiana University School of Liberal Arts (Assistant Research Professor); New Oxford Shakespeare Project (Associate Editor)
Dissertation Shadow Patriarchs: Rogues, Witches, Bawds, and the Model of the Patriarchal Family in Jacobean Drama


Jason Dunn, College of Central Florida (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: Literacy, Pedagogy, and the Princely Reader in Mirrors for Princes of Late Medieval France and England

John Garrison, Carroll University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Enriching Friendship: Representations of Profitable Amity from Chaucer to Milton

Andrew Hageman, Luther College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation The Hour of the Machine

Darcy Irvin, University of Puget Sound (Visiting Assistant Professor)
Dissertation "In the Mind's Eye": Pictured Reading in Victorian Narrative

Kristian Jensen, Basis Independent, Silicon Valley (English Teacher)
Dissertation The Birth of Literary Ethnography: Struggles with Anthropology in Antebellum America

Sarah Juliet Lauro, University of Tampa (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation The Modern Zombie: Living Death in the Technological Age

Vanessa Rapatz, Ball State University, (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Neither This Nor That: Convents and Novices in Early Modern English Problem Plays


Margaret France, Augustana College (Visiting Assistant Professor)
Dissertation "Now for Something Completely Different": The Non Sequitor in Daniel Defoe, Sarah Fielding, and Sarah Scott

Catherine Fung, Bentley University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Perpetual Refugee: Memory of the Vietnam War in Asian-American Literature

Kyle Pivetti, Norwich University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation "We'll Remember with Advantage": National Memory and Literary Form in Early Modern England 

Keri Wolf, Bakersfield College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: Place, Space, and Identity in Six Old English “Comitatus” Poems


Gretchen Braun, Furman University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation A Writing of Fire Within: Trauma, Transgression, and Gender in Victorian Fiction

Karen Gonzalez Burchett, American River College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Platform of Influence: The Power of Public Speaking in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

Jennifer Halpin, Savannah State University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation In Time, Just: Staging Ethics and Physics in Post-Cold War Drama

Tara Pedersen, University of Wisconsin, Parkside (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Confounding Categories of Knowledge: Mermaids in Early Modern English Theatrical Culture

Ryan Poll, Northeastern Illinois University (Instructor)
Dissertation: Main-Street Modernity: U.S. Narratives of Nationalism, Imperalism, and Exceptionalism      

Vanita Reddy, Texas A&M University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Re-Modeling Minority: Mapping Critical Femininities in the South Asian American Diaspora

Chistopher Schaberg, Loyola New Orleans (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: Airport Reading

Melissa Strong, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma (Associate Professor)
Dissertation A Taste For Charity: The Cultural Work of American Women's Benevolence Literature, 1850-1910 

Kara Thompson, College of William and Mary (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation A Romance with Many Reservations: American Indian Figurations and the Globalization of Indigeneity

Julie Ann Wilhelm, Lamar University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: The Funny Business of 19th-Century Sentimentalism


Shellie Banga, Saddleback College (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: A Banquet of Silhouettes: William Least Heat-Moon's Travel Trilogy in Context

Steven Ryan Blevins, Florida International University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: History Unhoused: Imagining Redress in Post-Imperial Britain

Seth Forrest, Coppin State University (Tenure Professor)
Dissertation: "Thus Far the Transmission is Oral": Orality, Aurality, and the Poetry of the Black Mountain School.

Maura Kathleen Grady, Ashland University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: "I'm telling you she's your man:" The Female Organization Man in Twentieth Century Fiction and Film

Tony R. Magagna, Millikin University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: Placing The West: Landscape, Literature, and Identity in the American West 


Jessica Howell, Texas A&M (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Under the Weather: Disease, Race and Climate in Victorian Tales of Travel 

Jung-Kook Paik, Korea University (Lecturer)
Dissertation: Shakespeare's Strangers, Resistance, and State Power

Candace Hull Taylor, Merced College (Professor of English)
Dissertation "A prudent feruentnesse or a feruent prudence": Reading Prudence in Classical, Patristic and Medieval Texts


Ann Bliss, Texas A&M at San Antonio (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: "Fixing" the Family: The Function of the Family Photograph in Albums and Literature

Helena M. Feder, East Carolina University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation: Coming into Culture: Ecocultural Materialism and the Bildungsroman 

J. Samaine Lockwood, George Mason University (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation Recollecting a Region: Gender, Tourism, and the Literature of New England, 1870-1900

Jodi Rene Schorb, University of Florida, Gainesville (Assistant Professor)
Dissertation From Sodomy to Indian Death: Sexuality, Race, and Structures of Feeling in Early American Execution Narratives 


Mark Bradshaw Busbee, Samford University (Associate Professor and Chair)
Dissertation N.F.S. Grundtvig's Interpretation of Beowulf as a Living Heroic Poem for the People

J. Chris Westgate, California State University, Fullerton (Associate Professor and Graduate Adviser); President, The Eugene O'Neil Society
Dissertation Staging the Metropolis: Theater, Politics, and the American City