English 10B-2 - Winter, 2018

Literatures in English II: 1700-1900

Class Information

Instructor: Tinonga-Valle, Jennifer
CRN: 53009
Time: MWF 3:10-4:00
Location: 207 Olson


English 10B is a survey course that explores literatures in English from 1700 to 1900. The second course in the three-part Literatures in English series, this section will engage with poetry, prose and drama produced in England, Ireland, the British Colonies, and the United States. We will focus on influential and representative texts that allow us to trace the emergence of major literary trends, dialogues, debates and forms over these two turbulent centuries.

Key themes that we may explore include gender and sexuality, rights and revolution, publication and popular readers, home and adventure, empire and race, industrialization and labor.

In addition to its goals as a survey of a literary period, 10B is a reading- and writing-intensive course designed to prepare you for upper-division English classes. It aims to help you practice and improve your critical reading, writing, and research skills.

(Note: The main texts for this course are slightly older (less expensive) editions of the Norton English and American Literature Anthologies. You are also welcome to use the newer 9th edition of any of the anthologies. Please note the edition/ISBN, if ordering online.)


Classwork, Participation, Quizzes, Short Assignments: 20%
Essay 1 and Essay 2: 50%
Group Presentation: 15%
Final Exam: 15%


Norton Anthology of English Literature, Volume C: The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century, 8th edition, ISBN: 0393927199
Norton Anthology of English Literature, volume E: The Victorian Age, 8th edition, ISBN: 0393927210
Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume B: 1820-1865, 8th edition, ISBN: 0393934772
Jane Eyre (Norton Critical Edition, 2016), Charlotte Bronte, ISBN: 978-0-393-26487-6