English 264 - Winter, 2018

Studies in Modern British and American Lit.

Class Information

Instructor: Frederickson, Kathleen
CRN: 74430
Time: W 3:10-6:00
Location: 120 Voorhies
Focus: Interdiscipline, Method, Theory


Queer Biospheres

This course will examine theory, literature, and history that tackles the interface between thinking about queer kinship, sex acts, and affect in relation to the biological theories of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The course will discuss how queer sexualities have been coproduced with changes to thinking, especially, in the overlapping fields of ecology and evolution, population-based political economy, epidemiology, and botany—biosciences that focus less on individual organisms and more on systems of interconnection and population-level thinking.

Readings will include work by Neel Ahuja, Samuel Delany, Michel Foucault, Sylvia Frederici, Anne Lise Francois, Peter Kropotkin, Greta LaFleur, Dana Luciano, Karl Marx, Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Jordy Rosenberg, Angela Willey.