English 177 - Summer Sessions I, 2020

Study of an Individual Author

    Topic: Harry Potter in Context

Class Information

Instructor: Vernon, Matthew
CRN: 53736
Time: TWR 2:10-3:50


    Harry Potter was not just a global phenomenon, it was a virtuosic assemblage of some of the most treasured parts of the English literary tradition: the detective story, boarding school novel, medieval romance, gothic fiction, fairy tale, bestiary and Tolkien-esque fantasy . We will work through all of the Harry Potter novels in tandem with influences and sources to build a vocabulary for talking about Harry Potter.


    Jane Eyre
    The Big Sleep
    The Hobbit
    The Quest for the Holy Grail
    The Lais of Marie de France
    Turn of the Screw
    Carry On
    Harry Potter v. 1 4 5 6
    Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
    Wizard of Earthsea