English 110A - Spring, 2020

Introduction to Literary Theory

Class Information

Instructor: Shershow, Scott
Time: TR 10:30-11:50
Location: 293 Kerr


    This course will survey highlights of the European tradition of literary and critical theory. We'll begin with Plato and Aristotle in classical Greece and move all the way to Kant and Marx in the nineteenth century. Students who are planning to take, or have already taken, ENL 110b, the survey of contemporary critical theory, are welcome to take this course as well. This course is also recommended for students planning to pursue graduate study in language and literature.


    Evaluation will be based on three short papers on assigned topics, a longer term paper, a take-home final examination. Regular attendance and active participation in discussion sections is also required.


    The Norton Anthology of Criticism and Theory, Third Edition, Vincent Leitch