Newly Admitted Grad Students

Welcome to our newly admitted PhD & MFA students!

Graduate Studies Site for Newly Admitted Students 
Ph.D. Program At-A-Glance (Lays out the timeline for degree progress during Years 1-6)
Ph.D. Program Planner (lists all Core & Breadth requirements)
MFA Program Planner and Sample Schedule 
CW Handbook 2019-20

Mentoring and Advising Guidelines

  • Establishing CA Residency
  • READ Info in these two links:

    You must take steps to establish California residence at least one full year before the start of the quarter in which you wish to be classified as a resident and the sooner the better.  

    In other words, take care of all of the things bulleted below by the end of your first Fall quarter!

    For tuition purposes, physical presence and intent must be demonstrated for more than one year. Intent includes, but is not limited to:

    • Having a California driver’s license or ID card
    • Registering your vehicle with CA DMV (vehicles must be registered in California within 20 days of arrival)
    • Registering to vote and voting 
    • Using a California permanent address on all records paying state income tax as a resident  

    Start your petition during the quarter preceding the one for which you seek reclassification (so, Spring before your 2nd year). Return the completed petition at least two weeks before the start of the quarter (Fall of your second year).

    You must email the Residence Deputy at with any questions or confirmations. 

    TIP: Go to the DMV and get a CA ID asap (even if you don't drive here!) and change everything you can think of to your CA address.

  • New Student Orientations
  • Graduate Studies Orientation

    Graduate Studies is the office that oversees the administration of all graduate departments at UCD. They will tell you about financial support, professional development resources, advising & wellness.

    English Department Graduate Program Fall Welcome
    This is our department orientation where you will learn more about your Ph.D. or Creative Writing program with the faculty directors as well as a student panel where you can ask all of your burning questions.

    TA Orientation
    The next TA Orientation will take place on September 23 and September 24, 2024
    Registration will close September 13 @ 5:00 PM.

    Hosted by UCD's Center for Educational Effectiveness, this orientation is mandatory before you can TA (only given once per year).  TA Orientation is designed to help graduate students succeed in their role as TAs at UC Davis by introducing them to the principles and practices of effective teaching.
  • Welcome Packet
  • Welcome to UC Davis! 

    The welcome packet for new Ph.D. & MFA students has important information about set-up, registration, advising and other department info.

    Welcome Packet web page

  • Moving Expenses Reimbursement for New Students
  • Teaching Assistants and graduate students appointed as Associates or as Acting Instructors, at the time of their initial appointment, recruited within the United States, who are appointed for a full academic year and eligible for Removal Expenses. However, this policy (APM -561) does not allow for points of origin within the State of California.

    Students must be registered and enrolled in classes with all fees paid before an application for removal expenses can be processed.

    The allocation is based upon the distance moved. Removal expense allowances are authorized to be paid as flat rates according to the following schedule, but in no case may exceed the maximum payment of $440.

         Removal Expense Allowance & Approximate Air Miles of Origin to Campus:

          $440  - 2,400 and over
          $355  - 1,800 to 2,399
          $280  - 1,300 to 1,799
          $225  - 900 to 1,299
          $160  - under 900

    The Graduate Office will send out the current Moving & Relocation Travel Expense Voucher to eligible students prior to the Fall quarter.

  • Health Insurance (SHIP) Waiver Info
  • All registered UC Davis Students are automatically enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) in order to meet the UC Regents mandate that all UC students have health insurance coverage as a non-academic condition of enrollment. 

    However, if you are already covered by a health insurance plan, and do not wish to be enrolled in UC SHIP, you can waive enrollment by submitting a waiver application prior to the start of each new academic year. Waiver applications need to be submitted each academic year so that we have the most up to date information regarding your insurance coverage.  Submit the waiver online