Year at a Glance

English Department 2022-2023 teaching schedule

Subject to Change


10B, Lit. in English II: 1700-1900

10C, Lit. in English III: 1900-pres

40, Introductory Topics in Literature

51: Hip Hop as Poetry

100F, Creative Writing:Fiction

100FA, Creat. Writ. Adv. Fiction

100NF, Creative Writing: Nonfiction

100P, Creative Writing:Poetry

100PA, Creat. Writ. Adv. Poetry

110B, Introduction to Modern Literary & Critical Theory

113B, Chaucer; Canterbury Tales

122, Milton

125, Topics in Irish Literature

149, Topics in Literature

150A, British Drama to 1800

156, The Short Story

158A, The American Novel to 1900

159, Topics in the Novel

167, 20th Century African American Poetry

177, Study of an Individual Author

184, Literature of the Environment

185B, Literature by Women 1800-1900

187A, Topics in Literature & Media

189, Seminar in Literary Studies

233, Problems in American Literature

237, Seminar for Writers

254, 20th Century British Literature

290F, Creative Writing: Fiction

290NF, Creative Writing: Nonfiction

290P, Creative Writing: Poetry

391, Teaching Creative Writing

393, Teaching Literature & Composition


Note: Any upper division English course that is not being used to fulfill another requirement for the Major may be used to satisfy the English elective requirement.  Please refer to the Major requirements website, or consult with a Major Advisor for more information on what may satisfy the English elective requirement.

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