Creative Writing Application


Creative Writing classes at UC Davis are unique and rewarding experiences, and we encourage you to watch the following videos before opening up the application. The videos will help you understand the different types of creative writing classes we offer, how English Majors can complete the emphasis in creative writing (see category #10 in the Major Requirements Guide for more info), and how to apply to the upper division ENL 100's. Below the videos are links to the applications for the upper division CW courses required to complete the emphasis. Please watch them all, and watch them in order.

  • Video #1 - Watch this video to learn more about creative writing courses & why they are called "workshops".
  • Video #2 - Watch this video to learn more about the difference between lower & upper division workshops, and learn more about how to complete the Creative Writing Emphasis for English Majors.
  • Video #3 - Watch this video to learn more about the applicaiton process for the upper division workshops (applicaiton link below).


ENL 100F, 100P & 100NF

Admission to ENL 100F, 100P & 100NF is by online application (link below) and acceptance of instructor.


ENL 100F/100NF/100P Creative Writing Application


  • Fall 2024  Application period closes 9/6/2024, 5:00 PM.
  • Winter 2025 Application period closes 12/6/2024, 5:00 PM.
  • Spring 2025 Application period closes 2/21/2025, 5:00 PM.

ENL 100FA/100PA

Admission to ENL 100FA/PA is by online application (link below)

ENL 100FA/PA Creative Writing Application

Please note that 100FA/100PA require a separate application process with a deadline date of: February 1, 2025, 5:00 PM.