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Department Chair: John Marx

Director of Graduate Studies: Desirée Martín

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Claire Waters

Director of Creative Writing: Katie Peterson

Visiting Faculty/Lecturers
Name / Email Office Hours / Office Location
Clara Barr's picture
Barr, Clara
Valerie Brelinski's picture
Brelinski, Valerie
Kenneth Connally's picture
Connally, Kenneth
T 10:30-11:30 (on Zoom:, W 11:00-12:00 ( & by appt.
277 Voorhies
Lee Emrich's picture
Emrich, Lee
Spring: Office Hours Online via Zoom R 10-11 AM and 12-1 PM
328 Voorhies
Greg Glazner's picture
Glazner, Greg
W 2 - 3, R 1 - 2, and by appt. Email me for Zoom link.
283 Voorhies
William Hughes's picture
Hughes, William
W 1-2, F 2-3, and by appointment
270 Voorhies
Annette Hulbert's picture
Hulbert, Annette
M 10-11am, W 2:10-3:10pm, & by appt.
318 Voorhies
Christopher J. Wallis's picture
Wallis, Christopher J.
W 11-12, F 3:10-4:10, and by appt.
Voorhies 305 / The Interwebs (for Spring 2020)
Ryan Wander's picture
Wander, Ryan
Fall 2020 (via Zoom): TBA
281 Voorhies
Elise Winn Pollard's picture
Winn Pollard, Elise
R 3:20-4:20 p.m., F 9-10 a.m., & by appt.
Voorhies 276