All Courses for Fall, 2020

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Current Schedule for Fall, 2020, All
Crs No.CRNInstructorClass HoursLocationEnr.
3-131949Emrich, LeeMW 8:00-9:5025
3-231950Hughes, WilliamTR 3:10-5:0025
3-331951Qualls, BethanyMW 10:00-11:5025
3-431952Blackman, BenjaminMW 12:10-2:0025
3-531953DeWitt, RachaelMW 12:10-2:0025
3-631954Giardina, ElizabethMW 12:10-2:0025
3-731955Wills, MelissaMW 12:10-2:0025
3-831956Peterson, LaurenMW 12:10-2:0025
3-931957Barrera, DavidMW 2:10-4:0025
3-1031958Williams, Bethany25
3-1131959Arkenberg, MeganMW 2:10-4:0025
3-1231960Wallis, Wally25
3-1331961Wallis, Wally25
3-1431962Hanley Cardozo, KristenMW 4:10-6:0025
3-1531963Duvall, MargaretMW 6:10-8:0025
3-1631964Burgess, AlexandraTR 8:00-9:5025
3-1731965Cahalan, Ofir LeeTR 8:00-9:5025
3-1831966Cheramie, HillaryTR 2:10-4:0025
3-1931967Hodge, Jackson25
3-2031968Kong, AmandaTR 8:00-9:50 25
3-2131969Radocay, JonathanTR 10:00-11:5025
3-2231970Dietering, Averyl25
3-2331971Gray, Jessica HanselmanTR 12:10-2:0025
3-2431972Eddings, SarahTR 2:10-4:0025
3-2531973Romano, FrancesTR 2:10-4:0024
3-2631974Connally, KennethTR 2:10-4:0025
3-2731975Colmenero, JenniferTR 4:10-6:0025
3-2831976Hogue, KristinTR 4:10-6:0025
3-2953526Wander, RyanTR 4:10-6:0025
3A-131980Radocay, JonathanTR 12:10-1:0014
3A-231981Connally, KennethTR 1:10-2:00 14
3A-331982Arkenberg, MeganTR 4:10-5:0014
3A-431983Bamert, SophiaTR 5:10-6:0014
3A-553065Williams, Bethany 14
3A-653066Connally, KennethMW 1:10-2:0014
3A-753067Peterson, Lauren14
3A-853068Kong, Amanda14
5F-131986Chadowski, RowenaTR 8:00-9:5022
5F-231987Elms, SawyerTR 8:00-9:5022
5F-331988Brelinski, ValerieMW 2:10-4:0022
5F-431989Brelinski, ValerieMW 4:10-6:0022
5F-531990Tuchin, AnnaTR 8:00-9:5022
5F-631991Cockett-Mamiya, BriannaTR 4:10-6:0022
5F-731992Pollard, EliseTR 4:10-6:0022
5F-831993Moustakis, MelindaTR 6:10-8:00 PM22
5NF-131994Soong, JenniferTR 8:00-9:5022
5P-131995Rose, JacobMW 10:00-11:5022
5P-231996Dahlen, JordanMW 12:10-2:0022
5P-331997Gouirand, RaeTR 4:10-6:0022
10AWerth, Tiffany JoMWF 11:00-11:50100
 Literatures in English I: to 1700
   -A0131998     Steele-Fisher, TeaganW 6:10-7:00pm
   -A0332000     Hawkins, AmandaF 8:00-8:50am159 Olson
   -A0532002     Hawkins, AmandaF 9:00-9:50am1038 Wickson
   -A0632003     Hsiao, AlisonF 10:00-10:50am70 SS/Hum.
10CRonda, MargaretTR 10:30-11:5077
 Literatures in English III: 1900-Present
   -A0132004     Hatch, JenavieveT 6:10-7:00pm151 Olson
   -A0232005     Hatch, JenavieveT 7:10-8:00pm159 Olson
   -A0332006     Norgord, KayleighR 8:00-8:50am117 Olson
   -A0432007     Norgord, KayleighR 9:00-9:50am244 Olson
40-1Roy, ParamaMWF 1:10-2:0025
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: RESTRICTED TO UNIVERSITY HONORS PROGRAM STUDENTS ONLY. TOPIC: Refugee Literature)
40-232009Hulbert, AnnetteMWF 9:00-9:5030
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: TO BE ANNOUNCED)
40-353227Barr, ClaraTR 12:10-1:3030
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: Tragedy & American Politics)
40-453228Sarpong, AshleyTR 4:40-6:0030
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: Literatures of Waste: Discarding People, Places, and Things)
5153229Mlekoday, MichaelTR 4:40-6:0049
 Hot Bars, Supreme Lyrics, and Rhymes for Days: Hip Hop as Poetry
72AZ, LishanMW 3:10-4:3075
 Introduction to Games
   -A0132012     STAFFW 5:10-6:00pm
   -A0232013     STAFFW 1:10-2:00pm
   -A0332014     STAFFT 9:00-9:50am
100F-1Clemmons, ZinziMW 12:10-1:3017
 Creative Writing: Fiction
100F-2Corin, LucyTR 4:40-6:0017
 Creative Writing: Fiction
100NFClemmons, ZinziTR 1:40-3:0017
 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
100PGlazner, GregTR 3:10-4:3017
 Creative Writing: Poetry
106Emrich, LeeMWF 2:10-3:0077
 English Grammar - Cross-listed with LIN/UWP
   -A0153233     Minges, NicholasF 9:00-9:50am
   -A0253234     Hsiao, AlisonF 10-10:50am
   -A0353235     Minges, NicholasF 11:00-11:50am
   -A0453236     Hsiao, AlisonF 11:00-11:50am
110B32126Shershow, ScottMWF 10:00-10:5077
 Introduction to Modern Literary & Critical Theory
113BWaters, ClaireTR 10:30-11:5077
 Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
   -A0153237     Poe, MariyaR 6:10-7:00pm
   -A0253238     Poe, MariyaR 7:10-8:00pm
   -A0353239     Gudino, MateoT 8:00-8:50am
   -A0453240     Gudino, MateoT 9:00-9:50am
11553241Werth, Tiffany JoMWF 1:10-2:0030
 Topics in 16th & 17th Century Literature
117Dolan, FrancesMWF 9:00-9:5077
   -A0132134     Ringo, HeatherF 10:00-10:50am
   -A0232135     Ringo, HeatherF 11:00-11:50am
   -A0332136     Lamadrid Castillo, GerardoF 11:00-11:50am
   -A0432137     Lamadrid Castillo, GerardoF 2:10-3:00pm
12553242Dobbins, GregoryTR 12:10-1:3077
 Topics in Irish Literature
14953632Menely, TobiasTR 12:10-1:3030
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Pandemics and Literature)
155A53631Menely, TobiasTR 3:10-4:3077
 18th Century British Novel
155B32142Hulbert, AnnetteMWF 10:00-10:5030
 19th Century British Novel
158A53244Ziser, MichaelMWF 12:10-1:0077
 The American Novel to 1900
15953245Vernon, MatthewMWF 9:00-9:5030
 Topics in the Novel (Topic: NARRATING THE NATION: MOBY DICK)
16653633Barr, ClaraTR 4:40-6:0077
 Love & Desire in Contemporary American Poetry
17832156Wander, RyanTR 1:40-3:0030
 Topics in Nations, Regions, & Other Cultural Geographies
18053266Miller, ElizabethMWF 11:00-11:50120
 Children's Literature
181A32158Vernon, MatthewMWF 1:10-2:0030
 African American Literature to 1900
18653267Hughes, WilliamTR 12:10-1:30120
 Literature, Sexuality & Gender
188A32161Ziser, MichaelMW 3:10-4:3015
 Topics in Literary & Critical Theory (Topic: TIME & NARRATIVE)
18953691Ronda, MargaretTR 1:40-3:0015
 Seminar in Literary Studies (Topic: Whitman/Dickinson)
20032320Martín, DesiréeT 3:10-6:0015
 Introduction to Graduate Study in English
23753280Peterson, KatieF 12:30-3:3015
 Seminar for Writers
24653282Dolan, FrancesM 12:10-3:0015
 17th Century Literature
25253283Miller, ElizabethW 3:10-6:0015
 Victorian Literature
25453284Dobbins, GregoryR 3:10-6:0015
 20th Century British Literature
290FCorin, LucyR 12:10-3:0015
 Creative Writing: Fiction
290PPeterson, KatieT 12:10-3:0015
 Creative Writing: Poetry
298-132327Stratton, MatthewF 12:10-2:0015
 Teaching Composition
298-232328Peterson, KatieTBA15
  (Topic: Teaching Creative Writing)
STS 200Milburn, ColinT 9:00-11:50am1246 SS/Hum.0
CRI 200CShershow, ScottW 12:10-3:00248 Voorhies15